Urnex “Grindz” Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets

You’d be surprised by the amount of gunk that can build up inside your coffee or espresso grinder. Those tiny particles and all that coffee oil really do add up after a while.

The tried-and-true method of cleaning coffee crud out of the grinder’s internals is to disassemble the thing and do it all by hand, and you don’t need me to tell you what a chore that is. You can save yourself a lot of trouble — or at least space apart those more labor-intensive deep cleans — by using Urnex “Grindz” cleaning tablets.

This stuff honestly couldn’t be easier to use:


Like that video shows, you simply pour a capful (or two, for commercial grinders) into the empty grinder, adjust it to the medium setting, then run it through like you would coffee. Once it’s done, run coffee through it until there’s no more cleaner dust, wipe down surfaces, and that’s it!

You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes in the taste of your coffee. And, it’s made from gluten-free cereals and grains, so it’s not like you’re dealing with harsh chemicals; it’s totally harmless.

The thing to keep in mind is that Grindz is for standalone machines only. If you run these tablets through a super automatic espresso machine with a built-in grinder, you’re liable to screw the machine up.

Get a 430-gram bottle of tablets1 for $26 on Amazon.

  1. That’s enough for about a dozen cleanings of a home grinder, or half as many for a commercial one.