‘Unsubscribe’ by Jocelyn K. Glei

Email as a concept is broken. It’s a huge drain on our efficiency and creativity, and yet we’re all as addicted to it as ever. Many books on the topic are typically high-level and abstract, without much in the way of practical, real-world advice.

Jocelyn K. Glei’s new book, Unsubscribe, aims to fix that. It’s a no-nonsense blend of practical tips, ideas, activities, and advice to help you reclaim your productivity and spend more time on work that actually matters rather than have your life consumed by others’ agendas.

The tips include:

  • Detox: Break free from email addiction by understanding the psychology of reciprocity, completion bias, and the asker’s advantage.
  • Focus: Create habits that will help you minimize distractions and focus more energy on meaningful work.
  • Prioritize: Learn how to email smarter, faster, and less by prioritizing what really matters—your goals, your agenda, your people.
  • Provoke action: Master the art of writing emails that get people to pay attention, take action, and like you as a human.
  • Hit send: Jumpstart your messages with word-for-word scripts on pitching new clients, negotiating fees, and delivering criticism.

And not only is the cover lovely to judge by, there are also lots of fun illustrations by Portugese artist Tomba Lobos throughout the book:



This is just a super fun and engaging read, and if you’ve been struggling with email, it will really help you. Get it in one of several formats: