unitron world Portable Smartphone Stand & Holder

unitron world’s portable phone stand/holder is an almost endlessly useful way to prop up your phone just about anywhere for viewing or recording purposes. It’s flexible and adjustable for any occasion, whether you’re on a plane, laying in bed, working at the office, cooking in the kitchen, or recording a little league game from the bleachers.

The strong, spring-loaded clamp on the end allows you to clip the holder onto any surface up to 1.5″ thick, including desks, headboards, plane tray tables, etc. From there, the phone clip itself can angle up and down, turn in a circular motion (great for landscape or portrait modes), or twist around on a vertical axis.


There’s really no place where it can’t be useful for watching movies, recording videos, following recipes, and so on. And when you’re not using it, the whole thing folds down into a compact four-inch size for easy travel.

Get it for $13 on Amazon.