Uni “Kuru Toga” Mechanical Pencil

Sometimes it’s the smallest innovations in our lives that make the most difference. For instance, you know how with most mechanical pencils you have to rotate the thing from time to time because the lead wears unevenly? With Uni’s Kuru Toga, that’s a thing of the past.

This pencil has a built-in mechanism that rotates the lead as you write. The rotation is very incremental and happens every time you lift off the page, keeping the lead sharp and your lines clean — always. Never again will you have to interrupt your flow just to keep your writing legible.

There are actually a number of Kuru Toga models to choose from, but my favorite is the “Roulette”, which has a knurled metal grip. The set that includes 20 spare leads (which are specially made for the Kuro Toga line) and 5 extra erasers is $13 on Amazon and comes in two body colors: gun metallic and silver.