Ugmonk x Kyle Steed “Modus Operandi” Limited-Edition Graphic Tees

Ugmonk has teamed up with Dallas-based artist and muralist Kyle Steed to produce a series of three limited-edition tees, each with a unique free-flowing line design:

“Modus Operandi 03” (my personal favorite)

“Modus Operandi 03” (my personal favorite)

In a blog post about the collection, Ugmonk owner Jeff Sheldon interviewed Steed about the collab and his history as an artist:

Painting a giant mural on a 5-story building is quite different from designing a t-shirt. How does working at different scales affect your work?

As a long-time doodler and illustrator, working on paper has always had its comforts of home. The page is a nice and safe limitation. But it’s always only an idea on paper. When I was in the thick of web/graphic design I had to learn how to integrate my drawings into my work on the web. It became the tipping point when I discovered how to use my own hand-writing to be the change I wanted to see in typography on the web. And in large part was the genesis to where I am today. Coming out of web work and into more tangible forms of expression, I wanted to find new challenges. By 2012 I was starting to do really small mural jobs. The first one, a free handed drawing on a mirror in a restaurant, was absolutely mind-bending and nerve racking. I was a mess trying to keep the perspective. I was so mentally tied to the rules of working top down, whether on paper or the computer, that I lacked the confidence to approach my work head on (on the wall). And now, 8 years later, it’s a total thrill to approach a blank wall with excitement and confidence to let what happens, happen.

You can buy any of the shirts separately for $42, or get the whole trio at once for $120.