UE Wonderboom Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears’ UE Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker may be pint-sized, but it pumps out a surprising amount of sound in all directions. In fact, I wouldn’t even recommend using it for quiet listening. It’s better used while you’re showering or at a pool party, or for when you’re cooking or doing chores around home. The bass is enough to vibrate a desk, if that tells you anything.

It has an IPX7 waterproof rating, making it submersible up to 3 feet for half an hour. Like other UE speakers, the Wonderboom sports those iconic huge plus (+) and minus (-) face buttons for easily controlling volume. Two Wonderbooms can be paired with one another for an even better sound experience, and each one has a battery life of ~10 hours.

The Wonderboom is available in a variety of colorways for $64–$100 on Amazon depending on which one you choose.