U.S. Jack 3-Ton Garage Stands

When it comes to doing work on your own vehicle, you don’t want to entrust your personal safety (or that of anyone nearby) with cheap, shoddy jacks that will tip over at the slightest provocation or even fall to pieces from the weight while you’re underneath.

This is one of those things where it pays to spend the extra money, and to that end my advice is to get these 3-ton-capacity jack stands from U.S. Jack. As the company name implies, they’re 100% USA-made and designed to be strong and dependable for the job.

In fact, the stands come recommended by Todd Osgood of Project Farm, and if there’s anyone you can trust for unbiased reviews of real-world tools, it’s that guy.

These jack stands feature a double-locking mechanism where two teeth on the pawl meet with two teeth on the load/extension bar, offering a more secure hold while you work. They also have widely splayed legs with a perimeter ring welded on for additional strength.

The jack stands are sold in pairs and their weight capacities are rated that way, as they’re meant to always be used together. Get them for $260 on Amazon — your life and limbs are worth the higher cost.