‘Typeshift’ for iOS

Remember that Really Bad Chess game that came out for iOS a while back? The developer, Zach “@helvetica” Gage, recently put out another title you’re sure to love (especially if you’re a word nerd): It’s called Typeshift.

In this amalgamation of anagram, word search, and crossword puzzle, Typeshift gives you columns of letters that you must shift up and down in order to spell words in the center row, until you’ve used all letters in the puzzle at least once. Each puzzle has three to five words hidden inside, and finding them all is an addictive pleasure. So satisfying to play.

The trailer shows how the gameplay works:

Typeshift is free to download from the iOS App Store and comes with over a hundred free puzzles, but does have some small in-app purchases for additional puzzle packs. (Purchasing any puzzle pack removes ads, plus unlocks themes and detailed statistics.)