TWSBI ECO Limited-Edition “Transparent Orange” Fountain Pen

The folks at stationery company TWSBI have introduced a new member of their ECO “Transparent” fountain pen lineup: the Transparent Orange. Like the others before it, this piston-filler pen sports a bright-colored cap and barrel end, so it’s always easy to spot wherever you set it down.

The clear demonstrator barrel shows off the pen’s generous ink reservoir capacity, and when filled with your favorite ink — which is super easy to do, just dip the nib into your choice of ink and twist the end cap to pull the ink inside — it becomes a beautiful conversation starter. This isn’t so much a fancy fountain pen as an everyday writer, but you won’t love it any less for that.

The pen goes for $32 on Amazon and comes in a number of nib sizes:

  • EF (extra-fine) — For writing very small.
  • F (fine) — For writing small.
  • M (medium) — For average-sized writing.
  • B (broad/bold) — Wider lines for signatures, headers, etc.
  • Stub1.1 — Mimics an italic or calligraphy style without being fully either of those things. Great for handwritten notes, invitations, etc.

If orange isn’t quite your thing, you can always still spring for the Transparent Blue, Transparent Green, or Transparent Blossom Red color options.