TwoDots for iOS

From the makers of the popular (and super addictive) iOS game Dots comes its new sequel, TwoDots.

The basic gameplay is the same: connect vertical or horizontal rows of same-colored dots to remove them and allow other dots to drop down, or connect them in a square pattern to eliminate all dots of that color from the screen.

As you progress through the game’s 85 levels, you unlock new abilities and encounter special dots that must be dealt with in unique ways—for example, “anchor” dots that must reach the bottom of the board before they drop away. The game itself is free, but there are $1 in-app purchases to refill items such as lives and bombs. (The game replenishes one life every twenty minutes, so you don’t have to buy them.)

Like the first game, TwoDots is probably going to consume my life for a while. If you don’t hear from me in the next few days, send help.