I rarely need a book light at home because my wife is nearly as much of a night owl as I am. The times when I do require one are more specific—for example, on a long road trip when it’s getting dark outside and I happen to be riding passenger, reading a book I’m not ready to put down yet.

This is where the Twist-A-Lite comes in handy. It’s a double-ended LED light that can be worn around your neck and contorted however you like. You can also stand it up in a cobra-like way or just wrap it around some other object.

Both of its 3-LED lights can be turned on and off individually, and they’re pretty focused lights so they don’t bother my wife while she’s driving. They’re only powered by a single AA battery though, so I don’t recommend keeping them on for hours on end unless you have to. Still, a very nifty product.

$15 on Amazon.