Twiddler Toys Magnetic Putty Pebbles

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In my opinion, some of the best fidget toys out there are simply magnets. As a kid, I loved stacking and snapping together those polished magnetic stones you could always find in gift shops and such. I’d still do it today too, but I’ve found something even more fun and sensory: magnetic putty pebbles.

Sometimes referred to as ferrite putty (see video below), the tiny-ness of these magnetic ferrite stones makes them so much more pleasing to play with. You can pile them up, mush them around, squish a bunch of them in your hand, create more intricate shapes…man, just thinking about it is relieving my stress a little.

Watch this video from that competing product1 to see what the experience is like:

👌😌 Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.

Obviously, you don’t want this getting into the hands of toddlers or small children, so please be careful if you buy. Heed safety warnings, keep them out of reach, etc.

You can get a set of 1,100+ magnetic pebbles sold by Twiddler Toys for $35 on Amazon. One Amazon reviewer hand-counted their particular set and found they’d actually received over 1,400 pebbles!

  1. This is the product I would’ve linked to primarily, but several reviewers had a problem with dark metallic residue being left on their hands after playing.