Twelve South “Forté” MagSafe Stand for iPhone

Why let your iPad have all the fun? Your iPhone deserves a place of prominence on your desk/nighstand too, and with Twelve South’s “Forté” stand, it can have just that.


Designed to work with your existing Apple MagSafe charger, the Forté allows you to easily charge your iPhone just like you would when it’s laying down flat, except now it gets to float up at a more viewable level for doing FaceTime calls, watching videos, checking messages, and more.

As the video above shows, you can pop out the MagSafe puck whenever you need to take it on the go, and if you raise the angle so it faces directly upward, you can set your AirPods on it to charge as well 😎


Get this clean and minimalist floating iPhone charging stand for $40 on Amazon.