TRX GO Suspension Trainer System

Gym rings are a fantastic tool for bodyweight training purposes. However, there are some exercises that rings aren’t really suited for — namely lower body workouts. That’s where a suspension weight training system like TRX comes in.

Like rings, a suspension trainer can be set up almost anywhere, allowing you to work out at home, in hotels, at parks and beaches, etc. The difference is that you can place your feet, ankles, or calves in the cradles at the ends of each handle, opening up exercises like hands-free assisted lunges as well as core strength workouts like the atomic pike.

It’s also nice that unlike most rings, the TRX GO handles are covered in a firm foam that offers a more comfortable grip, although if you have particularly sweaty hands during workouts, you might consider wearing gloves anyway so the foam won’t absorb it and get smelly.

Get this travel-ready workout system for $138 on Amazon.