TrekNotes — A Notebook for Travelers

Rachel Binx — data visualizer at NASA/JPL and apparent lover of maps — recently unveiled her TrekNotes project, a cool notebook travelers will love. The cover of each journal can be customized to be the map of practically any location in the world, using the search tool on the purchase page.

(I’ve had a lot of fun searching for weird locations like “Great Wall of China”, “San Andreas Fault”, and “International Space Station” and actually turning up results. Only thing that hasn’t worked for me so far is “Rocky Mountains”. But I digress.)


Inside every 5×8″ journal you’ll find 200 pages of uncoated matte paper, each with a unique image of some locale, ranging from beach vistas to glacier peaks. Each one takes 1–2 weeks to make, and then 1–2 weeks to deliver (which you’ll be able to track after it ships).

These journals ship worldwide, with free shipping no matter where you are. Pretty cool. Get one for $68 at TrekNotes.