Tramontina Professional 10″ Nonstick Skillet

It took a few years, but our Tramontina 8″ skillet finally took enough of a beating to stop being as nonstick as it was when we first got it. It’s not unusuable by any means, but we’re certainly not making omelettes in it these days.

We’ve enjoyed this skillet a lot and it’s served our family so well that when we went to get a replacement, we decided to go even bigger with the 10″ model. Despite being larger and heavier than our old one, using this pan for the first time felt instantly familiar and comfortable, and everything slides out of it like a breeze. The red silicone handle cover, as always, makes the skillet easy to maneuver and lift around.

If you’re in the market yourself, get the 10-inch Tramontina skillet for $37 on Amazon. You won’t be disappointed.