“Toucheys” Meditation Balls [Kickstarter]

The “Toucheys” Kickstarter project is essentially an interesting take on Chinese Baoding balls (sometimes known as meditation balls or medicine balls). It’s a set of four spheres made from four distinct materials, of which you can place any two in your hand and repeatedly swirl them around one another in an effort to ease anxiety, increase mindfulness, and improve your grip.

Even if you don’t buy into those sorts of things, these are still a great way to satisfy your fidgeting habit.

From heaviest to lightest, the four identically sized/shaped Toucheys are made of…

  • Steel (200 grams)
  • Clay (110 grams)
  • Glass (90 grams)
  • Camphor wood (60 grams)

Each one has a unique feel and weight, so choosing combinations of pairs to rotate in your hand makes for a different tactile experience each time.

As of November 12th, 2018 the project has 8 days left and isn’t too far from meeting their funding goal. They currently have 71 slots left at the £28 (~$36 USD) level, which could earn you a set of Toucheys, a wooden stand, and a canvas carrying bag if the project succeeds. If you want these to see the light of day, go back the project.