Toto K300 Toilet Washlet Bidet Attachment with Remote Control

After nearly 10 years of existence and hundreds of neat items written about, this site has never once mentioned the word ‘bidet’ — which I feel is kind of a shame, because these things should be way more commonplace here in the States than they are, and toilet paper should absolutely be a thing of the past. So let’s…er, rectify that, shall we?

The Toto K300 is a dream to use and easy to install on almost any toilet. That second bit is what makes it a washlet rather than a full-on bidet. You don’t have to replace your entire toilet to achieve bidet functionality.

Once mounted, here’s what you get out of the deal:

  • An on-demand tankless water heating system that ensures the stream is always comfortably warm without wasting energy.
  • A heated seat with temperature control, for those cold mornings when the LAST thing your butt wants to touch is a toilet seat.
  • A built-in warm air dryer, also with three temp settings — this is the part that should (mostly) obviate the need to use toilet paper anymore, since you’d normally still need a little to dry yourself off before pulling your pants up. YMMV.
  • An automatic air deodorizer that gets rid of nasty smells during and after the business, it’s like magic.
  • A pre-mist function that sprays the bowl just before use so nothing sticks to the walls.
  • An illuminated remote control where you can access all necessary functions, including the wand’s various spray and oscillation settings. You can save presets for two users in this control, which is nifty if you and your partner have different preferences.

This short review video shows the K300 in action:

Ditch that toilet paper and join the bidet revolution by picking up the K300 washlet for $604 on Amazon.