‘Tools: The Ultimate Guide’ by Jeff Waldman

Released two months ago, Jeff Waldman’s latest book, Tools: The Ultimate Guide, was written for people who find themselves diving into the world of DIY and making for the first time in their lives. Not everyone grows up with a mentor who shows them how to use tools to fix/build stuff, and if that sounds like you, this book is a handy resource that just might save you a whole lot of trial-and-error as you learn the ropes.

From the book’s back cover:

Cataloging more than 500 tools for measuring, cutting, fastening, and shaping-from hammers and saws to wrenches, welders, and drawknives-along with their uses, their histories, and how to care for them so they last a lifetime, this compendium is your steadfast guide to home improvement and skilled craftwork. With it, you’ll avoid wasting countless hours on head-scratching home repairs, wonky backyard builds, and failed garage tinkering. This is the book for answering all your tool questions, gaining knowledge before hiring a professional, or riffling through just for the joy of learning something new about the objects that shape our world.

Flip around. Browse at random. Figure out how a tool works and how it doesn’t. Put a tool in your hand and fix something. Make something. Grab this book and get to work.

Bought your first house and have no clue how to fix what needs fixing, or what tools you even need for those jobs? Thinking of trying your hand at woodworking? Already have knowledge about some tools but lack experience with others? Then this is the book for you. Very approachably written and fun to browse through.

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