Tooletries “The Catcher” Bottle Opener

A wall-mounted bottle opener normally wouldn’t be worth saying much about, but “The Catcher” from Tooletries manages to stand out. Made from silicone and stainless steel, there are two features that put it above your everyday old-school opener:

  1. Rather than mounting via screws, adhesives, or suction cups, The Catcher uses a special silicone-grip technology to securely mount onto any clean, smooth surface — glass, shiny tile, a mirror, inside a truck bed/tailgate, on a fridge, on the outside of a fiberglass RV wall, etc — and can be removed and reused elsewhere if needed, as many times as you like.


  2. It has a magnet beneath the opener that catches loose bottle caps as they fall, so you don’t have to keep a second hand underneath. One-handed operation all the way, folks!


This would make a great gift for your dad, your groomsmen, and so on. Get it for $40 on Amazon.