Tombow Dual-Brush Art Pens

Japanese stationery company Tombow has been around for nearly 106 years now, so you could say they’re pretty good at what they do.

Take their dual-brush pens for example. These handy, colorful tools have a flexible brush tip at one end and a fine bullet tip at the other. The brush side is great for hand-lettering and the like — you can draw in fine, medium, or bold strokes with it — while the fine tip is for creating thin lines, drawing intricate details, or simply writing with.

This video shows the combination of those things in action, among other uses:

They offer a whole bunch of 10-packs of these pens, based on a variety of color palettes. In alphabetical order, the palettes are:

Each 10-pack comes with 9 actual colors plus a colorless “blender” pen for creating watercolor effects. If you have a hard time deciding on any one palette, they also offer a 96-color set that comes with its own desk stand ($141).