Tom Bihn Smart Alec

Tom Bihn Smart Alec

The Tom Bihn Smart Alec is my personal backpack, and really have been thrilled with it since buying it earlier this year.

The Smart Alec is a simple bag — it has one large opening, with two side pockets. While there is a trio a small compartment inside, there’s no big divider inside.

Instead, Tom Bihn offers a wide variety of add-ons that make customizing a bag fairly easy.

In my particular setup, I’ve got a Vertical Brain Cell to keep my MacBook Pro safe and sound in the bag, and a Snake Charmer to keep my numerous cables and chargers contained.

The bag is good-sized, but not too big. It’s comfortable to carry — even on my bike — and the simple black look makes it fit in even at the office.

The Smart Alec starts at $150.00. With the options I’ve chosen, mine ran me $240. That’s a lot of money for a backpack, but I’m not planning on replacing this thing for many, many years.

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