Tivoli Audio “SongBook” and “SongBook MAX” Bluetooth Sound Systems

Tivoli Audio, a company with a penchant for making old technology feel new again, has unveiled their new SongBook and SongBook MAX, reimagined successors to the original travel radio of the same name.


Rather than being built specifically for AM/FM radio listening, these retro-futuristic devices are high-quality portable Bluetooth (v5.3) speakers with a refreshingly analog sense of style. Not only can you carry them anywhere boombox-style, you can also tweak the listening experience with the three EQ adjustment sliders (low/mid/hi, each with a +6 / -6 dB range) and enjoy the tactile feel of two manual toggle switches (power and amp/line).


On top of being sweet-looking Blutooth speakers, both SongBook models include a built-in preamp so you can plug in a guitar, a turntable, etc. for an extra sound boost. They also both have rechargeable batteries that last up to 10 hours, with support for Fast PD charging via USB-C.

I know you’re curious what the differences are between the base SongBook and the SongBook Max (so was I), so here’s a quick rundown:

SongBook SongBook MAX
Price: $450 $600
Amplifier: 40-watt 50-watt
Driver: 3.5″ full-range 4″ midrange
Subwoofer: 3.5″ 4″
Tweeter n/a 0.75″
Radio: n/a FM/DAB

Both models come in your choice of cream + brown or green high-gloss finishes.