Timemore “Black Mirror Basic 2” Coffee & Espresso Scale with Timer

While there hasn’t been any point in the past few years where I’ve stopped using my personal home espresso setup, I haven’t exactly been making a lot of changes to it lately either. I found what works for me and the routine has stayed pretty much the same — you know how it goes.

However, a good friend of mine recently started getting into the espresso hobby as well after all the times I’ve talked it up — he opted for the Gaggia Classic Evo Pro machine 👌 — and naturally we talk about it a lot, sharing tips and whatnot. Now I find myself getting new cups, he’s been 3D printing nifty accessories for both of us to use, and I’ve dived right back into researching upgrades I can make to my setup, however small.


Which has brought me right back around to one of the most essential pieces of kit: the weight scale. What I’ve settled on this time around is the Timemore Black Mirror Basic 2, which offers some improvements over the Basic Plus model I wrote about in 2021, as explained by Prima Coffee Equipment (all bold emphasis mine):

First, the Basic 2 includes an On/Off switch that prevents the scale from accidentally being turned on when weight is detected. Second, a new internal structure brings more reliable measurements and faster responsiveness. Most importantly, the Basic 2 adds flow rate tracking per second, as well as an ounces mode. Tired of having to look around for the power and time buttons? The Basic 2 now has texturized buttons, ensuring accurate presses regardless of orientation. Lastly, the Basic Plus includes an auto timer function that automatically begins timing when weight is detected.


Like the B+, the B2 has an auto-timer mode that automatically starts when it detects a change in weight, so you don’t have to worry about the extra step of starting a timer once you start pulling a shot. It seems like a small thing, but for the way my brain works, not having to divert my attention back and forth is super helpful.

The Basic 2 contains a 1,600mAh rechargeable lithium battery that charges via USB-C, and you won’t even have to do that as often as you might think, because it can last a full 24 hours of constant use. Since you’ll only be actively using it for maybe a few minutes at a time, those 24 hours can stretch out to weeks or even months between charges!

Get the Timemore Black Mirror Basic 2 scale for $69 on Amazon.