Timber Mountain Bike Bell 4.0

When you’re biking your way down a gnarly trail, you don’t wanna be that guy who’s so wrapped up in what they’re doing that you forget to signal others (especially hikers on foot) that you’re coming up behind them or around a bend so they can safely move over. With this mountain bike bell from Timber, you no longer even have to think about it.

This thing is essentially a cowbell for your bike, in that it continually rings as you ride — that is, until you choose to raise the lever to silence the clapper inside the brass bell from jiggling around (for which I totally advocate whispering to yourself, “Stealth mode engaged” every single time).

Once installed, the other people on the trail will thank you for the advance warning of your presence. You’re also a lot less likely to hit wildlife, as they too will be alerted and have time to run.

Get the bell for $25 on Amazon. It comes in quick-release and bolt-on models.