Thumbtack for Pinboard

I recently decided to use Pinner on iOS for all my “read it later” needs. Pinboard is supported by Reeder and Tweetbot, so it covers all my needs. On the Mac, I use the native integration of Feed Wrangler and Tweetbot. If I find an article outside of one of those apps, I just use the bookmarlet from Pinboard.

I recently discovered Thumbtack for Mac, and it filled need for me. It’s a menu bar app that allows one click access to all your pinned articles (with built-in search). You can even delete articles from the drop down menu, as well. It also supports Applescript and Alfred integration. I love simple apps that are focused on doing one thing extremely well. Thumbtack is a must have app for Pinboard users on the Mac.

You can download it on the App Store for $4.99.