“This is How We Do It” by Matt Lamothe

Have you or your kid ever wondered what it would be like if you were born in another part of the world? Maybe you both have lots of questions about how kids from other countries live: What would school be like? What foods do they eat? How to they play? What clothes do they wear? What are their traditions like?

This Is How We Do It is a recently released children’s book by Matt Lamothe — of the ALSO design company — that offers some charming insights into those very questions. Inspired by Matt’s own travels, the book details a single day in the life of seven real kids (aged 7–11 at time of publication) from different countries around the world. Their names are:

  • Romeo (Italy)
  • Kei (Japan)
  • Kian (Iran)
  • Ananya (India)
  • Ribaldo (Peru)
  • Daphine (Uganda)
  • Oleg (Russia)


This is one of those books you and your kid can peruse together and both learn from. Hannah Moushabeck of Chronicle Books put it well:

In a world that seems further and further divided, this book celebrates the similarities and differences that children around the world experience.



I’d recommend picking up the hardcover edition ($15), but you can also get it in Kindle ($11) and iBooks ($10) versions.