TheraBreath “Fresh Breath” Dentist-Formulated Oral Rinse

Back when mask mandates first became a thing, people everywhere suddenly became very aware of how their breath really smelled. Having your own stank breath going straight into your nose all day was a rude wake-up call, but a necessary one.

In my opinion, one of the better tools for stopping bad breath in its tracks is TheraBreath oral rinse, a line of alcohol-free mouthwashes that don’t just cover up the problem, but actively neutralize the sulfur-producing bacteria causing it:

OXYD-8, our active ingredient is stabilized and generates oxygenating power as soon as it enters your mouth. The bacteria that cause bad breath are anaerobic, which means they cannot live in an oxygen rich environment. The power of OXYD-8 begins to destroy bad breath odor immediately.

This stuff is very effective at what it does, without all the burning and discomfort that used to come with old-school mouthwashes (Listerine, et al). There’s also no chemical-y taste to speak of, but rather a pleasant and fresh flavor that makes it a joy to use twice a day.

Speaking of flavors, there are three “Fresh Breath” ones to choose from:

There are also a number of other TheraBreath oral rinses for addressing specific issues on top of fighting bad breath:

  • Clean Mint (for healthier gums, i.e. kills the germs that lead to gingivitis and periodontitis)
  • Sparkle Mint (strengthens enamel and remineralizes teeth)
  • Tingling Mint (soothes and moisturizes a dry mouth)
  • Dazzling Mint (features whitening properties)
  • Peppermint (maximum-strength formula for the worst cases of bad breath)