The Winston Set

I’ll be honest, I’ve generally always bought blades that fit whatever blade I had at the time. I’ve never cared about the brand, number of blades or gel inserts. That is until now. I first heard about Harry’s from a podcast advertisement on ATP a few months ago. I decided to give them a try and support the show. After a few weeks with the kit (handle, blades, and shave cream), I was hooked. I’ve since placed a second order for additional blades and shave cream.

If you are looking for a great gift for the male in your life, look no further than the Winston Set. For $25 and free shipping, you get 3 blades, 1 aluminum handle, and your choice of foaming gel or shave cream. For an additional $15, you can get the handle engraved with a set of initials.

If you listen to technology based podcasts, you’ve probably heard about Harry’s. This is not an ad, and Harry’s products are the real deal. If you want to kick up the quality of your shaving products, take a look at Harry’s.

Buy it for $25.00.