The “Side Kick” Collapsible Laptop Charger Winder [Kickstarter]

Remember those little collapsible hooks Apple used to equip their MacBook chargers with? Remember how they got rid of the hooks (ugh, why Apple WHY?) and left you to fend for yourself re: cable management?

Well fret no more friends, because this Kickstarter is here to get your life back in order. Well, not your whole life, because that’s a pretty tall order and…anyway, you know what I mean. It’s called the Side Kick, and it’s a little pop-out plate that sticks to the side of your charger and gives you a place to wind your cable around when it’s time to pack it up. Once the cable’s off and in use, the plate collapses down and sits more flush with the power brick, so it’s totally unobtrusive.

There are slots on two corners of the Side Kick that the cable can clip into, which works nicely for keeping the cable’s length under control no matter how close or far you are from an outlet.

As of February 24th, 2019, the Kickstarter’s modest funding goal has been met more than 10x over. Back the project at the $20 level or higher to get at least one Side Kick of your own after the project is funded. It’ll likely ship sometime this summer.