‘The Sense Point’ — A Claymation Adventure Game for iOS

After five years in the making, The Sense Point is a new point-and-click puzzle adventure game for iOS that hearkens back to 1996’s The Neverhood in that it’s powered by stop-motion animation, with all characters and backgrounds hand-sculpted from clay and photographed frame by frame.

Here’s the trailer the devs posted on Reddit:

In what seems to be a running theme in today’s posts, the main characters of The Sense Point — Sen and Po — have been teleported to an island in space, losing their memories in the process. Your mission is to help them solve puzzles so they can learn the myteries behind the place they now call home.



The Sense Point is free to download and lets you play the first chapter for free, with the full game unlocked with a $5 IAP. Give it a shot! If nothing else, you’ll enjoy the unique graphics.