The Seers “Aspectu V2: Early Sunset” Playing Card Deck

Created specifically with cardistry in mind (though still perfectly functional for playing card games with), The Seers’ Aspectu V2: Early Sunset is a stylish playing card deck with unique artwork and a color scheme inspired by the evening sky.

Cardists who pick up this deck will enjoy the fact that, because of how the artwork is designed, both the fronts and backs of the cards can be fanned in either direction to create eyecatching effects:


If cardistry isn’t your thing and you just like collecting neat decks, you’ll still dig all the little design details, like the striking pip arrangements:


Even the tuck box is visually exciting, especially when displayed in threes:



I recommend letting yourself be hypnotized by the render video below from when the deck was on Kickstarter:

You can get the Aspectu V2 deck for $10 (including tax) on The Seers site.