The Original Headache Hat

If you’re prone to headaches or migraines, you know what a pain it is (ugh, sorry) to try keeping a regular ice pack — or worse, just a baggie full of ice — on your head while you lie down (or do anything else, really). You can’t move around without the thing sliding off, unless you’re holding it with your hands the whole time, which is its own annoyance.

The Headache Hat solves all those problems. It’s like a combination of an ice pack and a soft, stretchy headband, which wraps around your head in a way that looks a lot like a beanie but with an open top.

Watch the original demo video by company founder Sherri Pulie:

The inside of the Headache Hat is lined with 3 rows of 8 individual ice cube pockets (for a total of 24 cubes), the design of which offers a couple benefits:

  1. It’s not just one big solid ice pack in there, which is what helps it wrap around your head in the first place.
  2. The cubes can be repositioned to better target the pain points you’re aiming to soothe.

You can wear it much like any other hat as you go about your life, you can pull it down over your eyes if you want to block out the light, or you can wear it around your neck or shoulders if you’re feeling tense there. It doesn’t just have to be for headaches either — it works very nicely for fevers, hot flashes, keeping your head cool while you work out, etc.

The ice packs are cushioned enough by the outer material that you can lie down and sleep while wearing the thing without much discomfort, especially once it’s been out of the freezer for a bit. If you need additional cold time, just flip the wrap over to the other side.

This is a super neat invention and you’ll be glad to have one or two in your life. Get it for $40 on Amazon.