‘The Organised Writer’ by Antony Johnston

Antony Johnston is a longtime professional writer and host of the Writing and Breathing podcast — the episode with John Gruber is a good starting place — who’s been involved in a whole lot of writing projects ranging from graphic novels to fiction to video games and beyond.

In short, the guy knows what he’s on about. That’s why I’m excited about the release of his new book, The Organised Writer: How to Stay on Top of All Your Projects and Never Miss a Deadline.

Antony has uncovered a secret I wish I’d learned twenty years ago; writing benefits way less from inspiration than from sound process.

Merlin Mann

Unlike, say, Stephen King’s On Writing, Johnston’s book isn’t so much full of general writing wisdom and advice about the craft; it’s more about the nuts-and-bolts of your process. He’s developed a practical productivity system designed primarily with full-time working writers in mind — though it works for writers of all stripes and skill/pay levels — with plenty of advice about time management, memory offloading, focus, and so on.

From the description:

The Organised Writer is the first productivity system designed for writers, by a writer.

Built upon solid, practical principles like clean mind theory and memory offloading, its purpose is to help you write more, and more easily — by allowing you to relax and forget about everything except writing when you sit down at your keyboard.

Designed and used in the real world for more than a decade by prolific bestselling author Antony Johnston, The Organised Writer is a no-nonsense guide to being more productive — and more organised! — that understands the life and needs of a working writer. It doesn’t bamboozle you with lingo, ask the impossible, or saddle you with endless lists and charts. 

The Organised Writer is a practical and focused approach to writing in the real world.

All but one versions of the book come out tomorrow (October 1st, 2020). Get the book in these formats: