The OneThirtySeven Newsletter

If you’re already subscribed to at least some of our favorite email newsletters and want another recommendation, I’ll point your attention to the new OneThirtySeven newsletter by our friend Matt Alexander.

In this weekly dispatch — which came about as part of the reboot of One37 — Matt features a selection of long-form stories, insights, links, and interviews he believes will be of interest to readers, along with curated clothing and products from quality brands. What I love most about it though is that it stays true to his (deeply British) voice, even when it comes to sponsored content:

So, in addition to some #sponcon (ugh) on Instagram (ugh) that I’m two weeks late posting (ugh), I thought I’d include the promotion here, too.

Plus, genuinely, this is the outfit I’ve been wearing all week.

As a side note, the end of the “Drinking” section in Issue 2 made me laugh out loud, so there’s that.

The OneThirtySeven newsletter is $1.37 a month (see what he did there?) and comes with a 14-day free trial — enough for two issues and access to the archive. Give it a shot! I’m really enjoying it myself, so far.