The New Glif Tripod Mount by Studio Neat [Kickstarter]

Here at T&T, we’ve all been fans of Studio Neat’s adjustable Glif smartphone tripod mount + stand for a while. We even wrote a review about it. We never leave without one.

This week, our friends Dan Provost and Tom Gerhardt of Studio Neat have unveiled a Kickstarter project for the NEW Glif, and it looks better than ever. This completely redesigned version now sports a quick-release lever that, when opened, allows the Glif’s “jaws” to move freely, and when closed, automatically and securely tightens around your device. The jaws fit roughly any smartphone from 58–99mm in width.

The new Glif now also works in landscape or portrait orientations, thanks to the addition of a third tripod mount on its side. This extra mount also lends itself to the ability to attach extra accessories to your mobile photo rig, such as a microphone, light, or hand grip.

The new Glif's additional tripod mount lets your smartphone become a full-on photo rig.

The new Glif’s additional tripod mount lets your smartphone become a full-on photo rig.

Speaking of the latter option, Studio Neat has actually developed a beautiful, solid cherry hardwood hand grip for this Kickstarter campaign, which can be included with your Glif — plus a paracord-and-leather wrist strap they also developed — at the backer level of $50 or higher.

As of this writing (July 20th, 2016) there are 30 days left on the Kickstarter campaign and they’ve already surpassed their funding goal! Back the project for $25 or higher and you’ll get a new Glif of your own.