‘The Manual, Everywhere’ on Kickstarter

If you keep up with the web design world at all, you probably already know about The Manual, a design journal started by XOXO Fest cofounder Andy McMillan and with contributions from world-class designers like Frank Chimero and Ethan Marcotte.

Each printed edition—of which there are three thus far—contains stories about what it means to design for the web and the people who do it. Covering topics such as family, creativity, collaboration, storytelling, philosophy, and much more, these journals are truly a joy to read.

And now they’re moving beyond print. The web edition has been made freely available for everyone to read, while the printed editions—along with new ebook and audiobook versions—are to be supported by a Kickstarter campaign and “pay if you want” subscriptions.

There are lots of neat things you can earn by supporting the Kickstarter campaign, so head over there and check it out. We would love to see such a cool indie-publishing project succeed.