The “Illumine” Kids Science Book Series by Carnovsky

In their own words, Carnovsky is a “Milan based art/design duo comprised of Francesco Rugi & Silvia Quintanilla,” and they are perhaps best known for their three-layered RGB artworks, which can be viewed through each part of a three-color lens — red, green, and blue, respectively — to reveal just one of those layers at a time.

Keeping the theme of those pieces of art, they’ve partnered with a handful of authors to publish a series of STEM-friendly books for kids, which use the same kaleidoscopic layering technique and come with their own colored lenses, through which kids can explore various facets of whichever topic the book in question is about.


The books are:

  • Illuminature — All about the natural wonders of the world, with layers split into nighttime animals, daytime animals, and plants.
  • Illuminatlas — Travel the continents of the world, learning about everything from landscapes to famous buildings to cultural artifacts…and yes, to more plants and animals.
  • Illumisaurus — You can guess from the name, but this one’s about dinosaurs and other kinds of prehistoric life, as well as the habitats they once roamed.
  • Illumanatomy — A colorful look into how the body works, divided into the skeleton (red), the muscles (green), and the organs (blue).
  • Illuminightmare — Covers the histories and secrets of the most haunted and supernatural places in the world.

There’s even a new one set to release exactly one month from when I write this: Illumibugs, which will be all about bugs, invertebrates, and other creepy crawlies the world over.

Any of these would make a great gift for a curious young reader, and even better would be handing them the entire collection at once 😉