The “Hoptimist” Mood-Lifting Bouncy Figurines

In the late 1960s, Danish cabinetmaker Hans Gustav Ehrenreich decided the world needed a little more happiness and cheer. To that end he designed Hoptimist, a line of fun little bobbing-head figurines that serve no real purpose except to bring a smile to your face — and isn’t that needed more than ever these days?

Whenever you’re feeling blue or stressed out, just give your Hoptimist a little tap on the head and let its indomitable jaunty bouncing infect you with enthusiasm you didn’t know you had.

You’d probably have to be a sour soul indeed not to crack a smile, or at least a smirk, while watching this thingy go. I am given to catastrophizing, but this doojigger helps me to pause, get perspective, and reset with a sense of humor.

Chantel Tattoli, The Strategist

The Classic Collection pictured above is the obvious place to start, but they have many other collections to choose from as well, like the Soft Collection:


…the Wood Collection:


…and the list goes on.


Whatever design you choose, it will happily fulfill its role as desk toy, conversation piece, or special gift to someone. Every Hoptimist is assembled by hand too, so each one has a degree of uniqueness.