‘The Eyes of Ara’ for iOS

Been looking for an iOS adventure puzzle game to fill that The Room-shaped hole in your heart? Check out The Eyes of Ara by 100 Stones Interactive, a relatively recent port of the Mac version, first released in 2016.

Like The Room series, you’ll find yourself exploring a gorgeous, ancient, and mysterious 3D environment. Along the way, you’ll hunt for clues, collect items, and manipulate the environment to solve an array of elaborate puzzles and unlock even more areas to explore. The premise of the story goes like this:

Alone on a remote island stands a weathered castle. For years it has lain dormant, yet still the townspeople recall old stories of restless dreams, violent storms, and the eerie glow of ghostly lights dancing in the mist. Recently, a mysterious signal has begun broadcasting from within the abandoned halls. Something inside the castle has awoken, and someone needs to venture inside to discover the truth.

As you can guess, you’re the unlucky soul who’s given the job of finding out what’s going on in the castle and uncover its secrets in an attempt to reach the signal’s source.

For a game created by pretty much one guy, The Eyes of Ara is an impressively engaging and cinematic experience. It didn’t make Apple’s Game of the Day for nothing.

Get The Eyes of Ara for $5 on the iOS App Store.