“The Deep” Limited-Edition Pocket Notebook by Write Notepad & Co.

I love y’all but I ordered mine before sharing this link.

β€”Brad Dowdy (of The Pen Addict and Nock Co.)

Write Notepads & Co. have released their 15th limited-edition pocket notebook, “The Deep”, of which only 700 have been produced. Measuring 3.75” x 5.5” when closed, the front and back covers together feature a giant letterpressed silver octopus on a deep blue background, indicated the bottomless depths of the sea. πŸ™πŸŒŠ

They share some cool facts they learned about octopi in the making of this memo book:

The oceans cover ΒΎ of the surface of the Earth, yet we know less about it than the Moon. For this edition, we chose the octopus out of all the creatures in the ocean because of its high level of intelligence and adaptability. Also, they have been immortalized by sailors as monsters to fear. From the Kraken to the Akkorokamui, that supposedly lives under Uchiura Bay in Hokkaido, Japan, people have wondered about the mystery of the deep.

Octopuses are incredibly intelligent-the extent of their intelligent is still unknown. They are known to escape from aquariums all the time and have been seen using tools β€” some even board fishing ships and open hatches to steal crabs. Hidden in their ocean home, they might also be planning to take over the land-dwellers who keep polluting their homes.

For just $13 you get a 3-pack of these 48-page notebooks. Get ’em while they last!