The CUBE — Aluminum Pen Holder

Mike Dudek of The Clicky Post and the guys at Karas Kustoms have teamed up for a Kickstarter project called The CUBE.

Essentially, they’ve taken Mike’s wooden pen holder of the same name and crafted an anodized aluminum version of it. It’s available in a handful of colors and they all look really cool (my favorite is the red). The pen holder inserts —bored to 9/16″ to accomodate most pens— are made of Delrin, a tough, low-friction thermoplastic that is resistant to abrasion and temperature extremes. Add it all together and it’s clear that every CUBE will last a good while.

To back the project and get a CUBE of your own, you’ll need to pledge $75 or more. $140 gets you two CUBEs, and $205 gets you three.