The Chef’s Press

There are many uses for a grill press, but they’re not always adaptable to the different foods you cook. You get one particular weight measurement, and that’s it.

Which is why the Chef’s Press is so interesting. Invented by San Francisco chef Bruce Hill, this stainless steel press is designed so you can use one alone for your most delicate dishes (fish, veggie slices, etc), or stacked/staggered over one over another to add more weight as needed.



These presses are very solidly made and feel nice to use. The slots not only make the layering thing possible, they also allow steam to escape while cooking.

If you watch J. Kenji López-Alt’s YouTube channel, you’ve probably seen him use these a bunch:

The Chef’s Press comes in two sizes: 8 oz ($13 per press) and 13 oz ($18 per press)