‘The Blogger Abides’ by Chris Higgins

We live in an age when more and more people are making the attempt to become full-time independent writers on the web, myself included. Shawn Blanc, the editor of this site, has already managed to achieve this lofty goal and is quite successful as far as I know, but most of us are still figuring out how to do the same.

This is why I’ve been enjoying The Blogger Abides, an ebook about freelancing written by Chris Higgins. Chris is a guy who writes for several popular publications, and has accumulated enough experience about doing freelance writing over the years that he was able to compile it all into a book for our benefit.

The book covers quite a few topics, including what to expect in terms of paying taxes, tips on how to manage your time and work when you suddenly have the “freedom” to sit around the house all day, and advice on keeping up your writing output. This isn’t one of those lame How-to-Become-a-Pro-Blogger books; it’s actually full of useful information one would need if they ever go freelance.

The book (which is only available in Kindle format) is only $4 — a steal in my opinion. Like any Kindle book, it’s perfectly readable from the iOS Kindle app, which is where I’ve been reading it. If you’re like me and are aiming to make a career out of writing, definitely pick this one up.