The 2023 Apple History Calendar by Stephen Hackett [Kickstarter]

Last year, friend of the site (and former contributor) designed and Kickstarted an Apple Hardware Calendar, which marked important dates in Apple’s hardware history. It was a wonderfully successful project, and this year he’s back again with a new edition he calls The 2023 Apple History Calendar.

Featuring photographs taken by Stephen himself from his ever-impressive Apple product collection, this year’s calendar focuses on software announcements the company has made over the years, from their early days building DOS on the Apple II to the various operating systems and apps powering our devices today.

The calendar measures 20″ x 13″ when open and can be hung from a single thumbtack or pin.

As of this writing (July 21st, 2022) the project has already well exceeded its funding goal and still has 14 days to go. Back the Kickstarter at the $32 level or higher to receive a physical calendar of your own later this year. There are also lower tiers that offer digital-only assets, if that’s more your style.