Tealyra “Yunnan Golden Special” Loose-Leaf Black Tea

Tealyra’s “Yunnan Golden Special” is an organically grown loose-leaf black tea cultivated at very high altitudes in China’s southwestern Yunnan Province, often purported to be the birthplace of tea.

One of its defining visual characteristics are the bright golden buds mixed in with the darker leaves, lending the tea an appearance similar to a “Golden Monkey” tea but with a different flavor profile — whereas the Golden Monkey typically has a lightly floral and honeyed taste, the Yunnan Golden Special has more of a rich, malty, dark chocolatey profile.

This is one of those teas where the recommendation is to brew it twice over, because the first and second infusions offer two different yet equally fantastic drinking experiences.

Apropos of nothing really, here’s a relaxing short video of Yunnan Gold tea being brewed:

Isn’t that nice? Anyway, you can get 4 ounces (110g) of Yunnan Golden Special for $15 on Amazon. And if you need some recommendations on tea brewing gear, we’ve got you covered there.