Tea Infuser with Lid

My parents are hard and fast tea drinkers. And, despite my obvious and outspoken affinity for a good cup of coffee, I too am a regular tea drinker. In fact, I probably drink at least as much tea as I do coffee.

This tea infuser from Forlife is great for several reasons: (a) it’s big enough to hold plenty of loose-leaf tea if you’re brewing a whole pot; (b) it’s small enough to fit inside a mug for a single serving cup; and (c) it comes with a lid that you place over your mug while the tea is brewing. And the lid, well that’s is my favorite part. I am adamant about keeping my tea as hot as possible, and nothing frustrates me more than the fact I have to let the hot water just sit there for several minutes while I wait for the tea to brew. A lid like this is one of the best ways to help insulate the mug while the tea brews.