Tara’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

There’s something magical about the combination of dark chocolate + caramel + sea salt that lights up my brain every time it hits my tongue. These twin jars of dark chocolate sea salt caramels are dangerous for me, because once I’ve eaten one, it’s hard to stop.

They claim the caramel inside is “hand made in copper kettles over open flame,” which I don’t know if that’s true — Tara’s doesn’t seem to have an official website, and the candies may in fact be made by the Mrs. Call’s company in Utah — but the stuff sure is creamy and delicious.


That sweetness is perfectly offset with the natural bitterness of the dark chocolate, and the flaky, crunchy bits of salt on top are juuuuust on this side of “too much.” Any more and they’d taste like salt with candy notes, but they’ve somehow stopped right before crossing that line, you know what I mean?

Get two 31-ounce jars for $35 on Amazon and be prepared to hide them so they don’t disappear instantly.