Tanbaby LED Garage Light

It’s only been 2 days. But the goblins have stayed away due to this new light of a 1,000 suns.

Bryan Wilkes, Amazon reviewer

These lights are so bright they should be bundled with a welding mask. They should require sunscreen.

Fred Lybrand, Amazon reviewer

There’s nothing worse than a dimly lit garage. It’s like living in the…well, Dark Ages. But fear not, because with a garage light like this one, every corner of the room will be lit up like broad daylight as it should be.

Your garage will go from a gloomy cave you don’t even particularly like walking through — seriously, what is even hiding in those corners? — to a temple of pure luminescence. I wouldn’t be surprised if your neighbors approached to ask about the new artificial sun you’ve installed.

In any case, you’ll actually want to spend time in the garage again, maybe set up a workshop space, do some long-overdue cleaning now that you see every single strand of spiderweb and speck of dust in the area…you get the gist.

Get this garage light for $26 on Amazon. Then make sure you don’t stare at it.