Takeya 40 oz. Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle

With this southern summer heat making the outdoors feel like a smoldering horrorscape rather than a place humans should ever exist, the only hobby I’m interested in right now is hydration.

Now, while I’m a fan of reusable water bottles like the Camelback Eddy and the Aladdin “Two-Way”, I need something that can handle the sweltering climate while holding a good amount of water, so I’m not having to refill it all the time (that goes for re-upping on ice too).

Enter the Takeya 40 oz. vacuum-insulated bottle. It keeps drinks cold inside for 24 hours without breaking a sweat (no, literally, it doesn’t condensate). In fact, some people have left ice water in it and found ice still in the bottle after two days.

At about ½” diameter, the insulated lid spout is just the right size for drinking without a bunch of ice falling into your mouth, and its hinge stays open and out of the way while you drink rather than smacking you in the face. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Moreover, there’s a grippy silicone band around the lid that makes it easy to open the spout even with sweaty hands, plus a nice big loop for easily carrying the bottle on a long walk or clipping to your bag.


The 40-ounce Takeya is $20 on Amazon and comes in a handful of colors. If that one’s still not big enough for your thirst-quenching needs, they’ve got a 64-ounce one for $44.